Nestle Records Grand Profit Of $10 Billion

NestleIt has been reported that Nestle SA, a company for Swiss food and drinks, is to register its result for the year right before the stock market opens in Zurich on Friday. The figure of the sales show that the company has easily managed to take a check on their cutbacks as they offered cheap alternatives, and in some cases, also re-priced the top brands and effectively made them much more attractive.

It was also reported that the company had suffered a slight drop in its net profit in the first half of the year 2009 which was due the recession and because of the strong sales that hit the Swiss francs.

Right after that the costs of the raw materials dropped, the prices of their products were also adjusted so as to make it attractive for all segments in the market. The profit for the full year is expected to be 10.8 billion Swiss francs which amounts to $10.1 billion. It is interesting fact that the net profit for the year 2008 was about 18 billion francs.