Orca Whales Spotted near Lyall Bay in Wellington

Orca-whalesAs per recent reports, it has been claimed that Orca whales have been seen near Lyall Bay in Wellington early this morning.

The family-of-four was seen near Eastbourne the day before and now it has been confirmed that the killer whales have made their route towards the harbour which, as per experts, can indeed prove dangerous for people going too close to them.

While expressing his opinion in this regard, Peter Simpson, the spokesman for DOC biodiversity, has claimed that it is not really unusual for them to carry out some laps of the harbor as soon as they arrive for a visit.

He further made it clear: “Certainly enjoy the view but otherwise just don't get too close, if you're in a boat just keep sort of 50m away, thereabouts. Just let them be, do what they want to do, where they want to go”.

In addition, he was having a message for all of them who are fortunate enough to have a look at the whales. Several orcas have been seen swimming near Lyall Bay in Wellington.

The extremely dangerous and killer whales, which are said to come from the dolphin family and are not really whales, were spotted by locals. Even yesterday, a number of people tripping the shore reported sighting the orca at Wellington Harbour.

In this regard, Peter Simpson, the Spokesman for Department of Conservation Biodiversity, said that people must certainly make sure they keep a good enough distance from the deadly animals.

He added that they must enjoy the view, of course, but must simultaneously make sure they don’t get too close to them. Being 50m away in a boat will do the trick, he said.