Mental Health Helpline closed

Mental-HealthIt has been recently revealed in a report that the helpline that had been launched by the government for the aid of the mentally ill has been criticized by many communities. This is because there is dire need for help and resources in many communities where people need help in terms of mental healthcare services.

The state government is of the view that this helpline is being cancelled because it was underperforming. The government is basically trying to do cost cutting and is of the view that this helpline wasn’t solving any major purpose of the people and hence needs to be stopped so that the funds can be put to better use.

"Particularly in areas like Gippsland, this is a vast geographic area with communities scattered right throughout it, with little direct access to health or mental health services. A 24 hour help line would give terrific access for people of this region”, said Derek Amos, from Gippsland-based mental health service Barrier Breakers.

There is currently dire need for help to be provided for the people suffering from mental illnesses. This is because there are still many won aren’t coming forward to discuss their problems with psychiatrists, due to the stigma that mental illnesses tends to have on people. On the other hand, the same is possible through phone lines because people think it is a better option to discuss their problems without having to reveal their entire identity for the same. The government is of the view that there aren’t enough calls being received and s the helpline is currently useless.

It remains to be seen what impact this move has on the mental health needs of people and whether the government takes further steps to help the situation.