Yoga Improves Mental Health, Says Research

Yoga Improves Mental Health, Says ResearchAs per a recent research, which has been published in the International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, it has been revealed that if caregivers' perform short duration yoga then they can improve their mental health and will also feel relaxed.

The researchers from the UCLA Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior were of the view that it has been witnessed that caregivers feel a lot of stress as take care of families, who have been living with dementia. The caregivers said that there is no emotional outlet, which increases the problem.

The researchers also said that performing the short-term yoga will give them that inner peace which is needed to regain strength to handle dementia patients. In order to reach at the above results, lead researcher Dr. Helen Lavretsky, was of the view that they enrolled 49 caregivers.

All the volunteers were between 45 and 91, and were taking care of families, who have been suffering from dementia. The total number was divided into two halves and one was put in the yoga group and second group was put in the passive relaxation classes.

The yoga group was taught to perform Kundalini yoga Kirtan Kriya meditation. It involved activities like breathing, chanting and repetitive finger movements and was being performed for 12 minutes a day for two months.

The passive exercise group was asked to meditate with instrumental music. After the end of the trial period, it was found that the yoga group has witnessed 50% improvement in their depression level and also has witnessed improvement in their mental health.

"On average, the incidence and prevalence of clinical depression in family dementia caregivers approaches 50 percent. Caregivers are also twice as likely to report high levels of emotional distress", said Helen.