Stem Cell Research on Its Way to find New Victories

Stem Cell Research on Its Way to find New VictoriesStem cell research is citing many new discoveries every day with the newest one recently by the Indian scientists, who are claiming to coax the ordinary cells and make them behave exactly same as is done by the cells of the heart muscles.

Yes, Indian scientists at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore have announced about their victory in recreating the behavior muscles of the heart muscles.

The positivity of the above research would definitely give a big victory to the science as the research holds a great potential to offer quick solution by offering spare human organs immediately upon any of their demand.

Till now science is citing many controversies regarding cloning be it of a human baby or a baby sheep through the concept of producing a new being or healing an injured one with the help of adult or embryonic stem cells.

Controversies are many but Mr. Bernard Siegel is still in his high spirits to get something new with the use of the stem cells. Mr. Siegel is a Wellington resident, who ditched his 30-year law career due to his interest and passion in stem cells and all the discoveries that can be made with the help of same.

Following his interest in the field, he found and even directs the Genetics Policy Institute. The science institute will soon be holding its eighth annual World Stem Cell Summit next December in West Palm Beach.

Till now science had been using stem cells in treating and curing chronic and degenerative medical conditions including heart failure, late-stage Parkinson’s, stroke, insulin-dependent diabetes and spinal cord injury but soon we can get a chance to add some big results of the use of stem cells in then list.