OECD Report Reveals Growing Mental Health Illnesses in Workplaces

OECDThere are rising number of cases due to mental illness and that is what has caused enough concern in the society. In a recent report by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, it has been found that one in five workers are suffering from depression or anxiety and other mental concerns which could affect their output in the workplace.

There are nearly 30 to 50% employee disability claims which are falling under the category of mental health illness. There is need that significant attention is being given to the actual reason behind mental illnesses. There are times when workers feel their personal and professional life getting mixed and that affects their productivity at work place.

There are lingering job insecurities along with work pressure which make things lot difficult for one and all. "The share of workers exposed to work-related stress, or job strain, has increased in the past decade all across the OECD. And in the current economic climate, more and more people are worried about their job security”, said the report, titled "Sick on the Job? Myths and Realities about Mental Health at Work".

It has also been told by the World Health Organization that depression has significant role in triggering the rate of death, disability and economic burden worldwide and that’s why there are chances that by 2020, it would become second leading factor behind the global burden of disease across all ages.

If reports published in September and October are to be believed, there are minimum 40% of Europeans which are battling with mental and neurological illnesses each year which is incurring economic cost of almost 800 billion euros.

There is need to bring about positive changes in the work places which could make people work in more effective and efficient manner.