Wellington Hospital Constantly Fails to Meet Waiting Times Target

Wellington Hospital Constantly Fails to Meet Waiting Times TargetDespite repeated warnings and given targets by the Health Ministry, Wellington Hospital is not able comply with the six-hour deadline.

Till now, one in the group of four could be found waiting for more than six hours to either get admitted or to take a discharge. This is completely against the rules of the Health Ministry, which has given the target to all the hospitals and district health boards.

In this target, 95% of the patients should be admitted, discharged or transferred in emergency ward within six hours, but it was found very few of the hospitals were able to achieve this target. This is not the first time that the Health Board has talked about such tasks as during the last quarter, they gave the same target which was not fulfilled by the District Health Board.

Capital & Coast District Health Board got top position in the worst performance to achieve the 95% target from July 1 to September 30 and the second position was bagged by Waikato. For the last two years, efforts are being made to improve waiting times but due to one or the other reason, the Health Ministry is not able to achieve their target.

Wellington Hospital has shown improvement in all the other five sections which the Health Ministry has pointed to improve them, but they constantly they were failing to match up in waiting times improvement section.

Since 2009, the hospital is trying to improve its waiting time but they are able to reach only at 67%. The DHB said they have been trying different methods to improve the condition, but they have no idea where they are lacking.

They have even opened a unit where patients would admitted immediately on doctor’s prescription without rechecking which is mandatory when one has to get admitted in emergency unit of hospital.