Rare White Kiwi Survived by the Bells

Rare White Kiwi Survived by the BellsManukura, the famous white kiwi from Wairarapa has lucratively gone through surgery meant for eradicating a stone that it swallowed recently.

The kiwi, five-month-old, is on the road to recovery at Wellington Zoo following a surgery wherein laser was employed for reducing the size of the stone before finally eliminating it.

A Wellington Hospital urologist performed the procedure, revealed Dr. Lisa Argilla who carried out a surgery on emperor penguin Happy Feet.

While expressing her views and happiness regarding the outcome of the pleasant surgery which saved the life of the naive Kiwi, she said that the procedure was carried out with no hassle and the team of specialists was able to eliminate the stone from Manukura, the kiwi, without going in for a complicated and risky invasive surgical process.

As per recent reports, the kiwi will be staying at the zoo for one week, as part of the recovery period, ahead of returning to Pukaha Mt Bruce. However, the zoo authorities claimed that a judgment on whether Manukura should be freed or held in captivity will be finalized only after she recovers well and reaches release weight.

Earlier on October 18, the kiwi was rushed to the zoo where an X-ray revealed that she had gulped down two $2 coin-sized stones. Later, experts claimed that the stones had struck in her digestive tract and the chances of their removal through natural process are just next to minimum.

The North Island wildlife centre in New Zealand where Manukura lives, Pukaha Mount Bruce stated that the heart of the bird suddenly slowed down during the course of the surgery, piling up a bit of apprehension and scare for the operating team.

But fortunately, the little rare white kiwi managed things well to pull through the procedure and is now recovering well in isolation from other animals.