Transpower cops flak over cable collapse


Today morning, power lines fell on nearly 20 suburban Auckland houses. However, no causalities were reported and all the residents have been safely evacuated from their homes. Some of the terrified residents had been trapped for hours.

As of now, the inspectors from Transpower were at the scene trying to clear away the broken 200,000 volt line which lies sprawled across homes, gardens and road.

"The cause of this morning's line plunge was still under investigation," said Transpower spokeswoman Adele Fitzpatrick.

She informed, "The Otahuhu to Whakamaru conducter had detached and fallen on homes around 10.30am this morning."

It was confirmed by Transpower's general manager of systems operations Kieran Devine that the first priority of Transpower had been to ensure the safety of members of the public.

He said, "Our second priority is to restore the conductor."

It was informed by Transpower that over the weekend, they hope to completely repair the conductor.

It has been learnt that representatives from Transpower will be taking to the affected residents following which they would make full financial restoration to any damaged properties.

Following the incident, emergency services made there way to Te irirangi Drive between Dawson and Orimiston roads.