Wellington Seeds Meningococcal Disease Again

Wellington Seeds Meningococcal Disease AgainIt has been revealed according to recent report that a new case of meningococcal disease has been confirmed in Wellington. The infected is said to be a woman in her 20s. She had been admitted to the Wellington Hospital where her disease was confirmed.

It was revealed by the Regional Public Health Medical Officer that it has not yet been determined what strain of the disease the woman is suffering from. Meningococcal disease has been spreading far and wide in the recent past and this was the 12th confirmed case of the disease.

The disease has already resulted in the death of two people.

On the other hand, there has been the spread of another disease in the recent past. It has been revealed that a particular man from Wellington is responsible for exposing thousands of people to the risk of measles. There is need for effective control measures to be taken against these diseases so that they don’t become an outbreak.

This man, whose name isn’t revealed, is supposed to have been working at a coffee and gelato shop called Kaffee Eis and this is where he is believed to have infected a number of people.

There is need for effective screening to be conducted to find out how many people have been infected, so that the treatment for the disease can start soon. There is also need for effective vaccination programs to be launched in order to safeguard people against the disease.