Alliance between Singapore Airlines and Virgin Australia

Alliance between Singapore Airlines and Virgin AustraliaIt has been revealed according to recent reports that there is soon going to be an alliance between the Singapore airlines and the Virgin Australia company. There shall be an approval given for the same by the regulatory authorities.

There shall be an integrated alliance that has been agreed upon by both the nations. This shall be of aid for both the countries and the passengers from both the airlines would enjoy a wide network of services, without a break and shall give a wide range of options to travelers from Australia.

According to this alliance, both the firms will join hands for a wide variety of services for the customers across many more Pacific and Australian locations. There are going to be very convenient schedules for flights as well as a greater access to a wide range of airport lounges in order to be for the benefit of people who fly frequently.

It was revealed by Mr. Subhas Menon, the Vice President of Singapore Airlines that the firm is extremely pleased with this new development. He further added that they are proud of the fact that the firm is here to provide excellent outreach and new and innovative schemes for travelling across a number of destinations.

“Today's announcement will be welcome news to leisure and corporate travelers alike who will benefit from the more attractive and competitive travel options this alliance will provide”, he added.