Cardiac Arrest Patient Not Provided With Transportation Facility in Antarctica

Cardiac Arrest Patient Not Provided With Transportation Facility in AntarcticaRenee-Nicole Douceur, a winter site manager, experienced a cardiac arrest in Antarctica while being at work. The patient has been made to wait to be transferred to seek medical attention. Ms. Douceur's case has not been registered under the emergency category.

According to Ms. Douceur, on August 27, she experienced a heart attack. Her doctor recommended her to leave the place as early as possible so as to seek advanced medical treatment against the problem.

Her appeal to be transported was denied by the US Antarctic Programme. The authorities stated that Ms. Douceur will have to wait till the arrival of spring season and that her health condition was not that poor. According to Ms. Douceur, the authorities were neglecting the matter deliberately.

As per Ms. Douceur, "The challenge is once you know you had a person here who had a severe injury, why are you not mobilizing resources so they are on standby for when the weather allows a flight?" She further stated that the region had carried out emergency transportation in extreme weather conditions earlier.

She revealed about the immediate evacuation of Dr. Ron Shemenski, who required immediate medical attention for problem in pancreas. Also, Dr. Jerri Nielson was transported for the treatment of breast cancer.