Meningococcal Disease Kills Again, This Time in Wellington

Meningococcal Disease Kills Again, This Time in WellingtonRecent reports have revealed that a teenage boy in Wellington has died because of Meningococcal C strain. The name of the boy was Joshua Thomas Hinaki and he died due to this disease strain, it is the same virus, responsible for the outbreak of the disease in Northland.

As of now, the statistics reveal that 9 people have been infected with different strains. It was revealed that free vaccination is being offered for the people close to Mr. Hinaki. There are a number of other cases being examined for the disease.

None of the cases in the two places were interlinked and hence there wasn’t need for an immunization campaign for meningococcal C disease.

There are a number of cases being examined and it’s a matter of time to see what turn the spread of this disease takes and whether an outbreak is declared or not.

It’s not just a few cases in Northland. It should be collectively dealt as a national problem because it might soon become a huge issue of concern if timely steps are not taken.

“You don’t want to end up losing your life because some disease gets you. At my age, I’m only young, I have the rest of my life to go”, said Kelc Mackenzie from Northland.