Surgeon Urges Better Management to Maintain Cancer Records

Surgeon Urges Better Management to Maintain Cancer RecordsNoticing over 4% increase in the annual number of cases of non-melanoma skin cancer in central New Zealand, a leading plastic surgeon was forced to call for a new and better management to take care of the issue and reduce the increasing number of the affected cases.

Here we are talking about Professor Swee Tan, supported by the Cancer Society, who showed deep concern and worry post noticing that the present team of management is not handling its job efficiently and thus failed to gather appropriate data on non-melanoma skin cancers. On the other hand, making their side clear the Health Ministry said the cases in talks are minor cancers.

We all are well aware of the fact that melanoma is one of the most deadly types of skin cancer and thus aiding the case earliest can give the patient a better life but along with this type there are many more types of cancers, which are equally deadly and are affecting many more cases severely.

According to the professor, no comprehensive records have been maintained by the management of non-melanoma skin cancer.

Professor Tan, of Hutt Hospital in Wellington, said: "New Zealand has one of the highest rates of non-melanoma skin cancer in the world and its increasing incidence underscores the importance of developing and implementing a national health-care delivery model..."