More Measles-Infected Flights Headed for Wellington

More Measles-Infected Flights Headed for WellingtonAccording to reports, it has come to light that there are many more flights, flowing to Wellington, are hosting measles-infected travelers on-board.

The disclosure is immensely shocking, seeing that the outbreak in Auckland region is still ballooning swiftly.

Earlier, Auckland Regional Public Health Service shared a forewarning that a traveler on board on Jetstar's 13th September flight (Auckland to Wellington) was carrying preliminary symptoms of infection, which were certainly down to measles invasion.

In addition, they claimed that one more passenger, using the "Air New Zealand's Wellington to Auckland flight" on the same day, was shedding similar signs.

As of now, regional health authorities have identified three more flights for carrying measles-intruded passengers on-board.

The suspected flights are: September 12 flight of Air New Zealand NZ464 flying from Wellington for Auckland, Jetstar's JQ263 flying from Auckland for Wellington on the same day, and the third suspected flight is the 18th September flight of Jetstar's JQ244 from Christchurch to Auckland.

Medical Officer Richard Hoskins claimed that anyone who was travelling on the said flights is advised to avail a complete diagnose of immune system and status, and it is must for them to consult their doctors in case of doubt or any other query regarding the matter.

Since the fall of May, 164 cases of measles infection have been substantiated in Auckland, 42 of them were identified last week.