Investigation On Against Dentist on Demand of Wellington Court

Investigation On Against Dentist on Demand of Wellington CourtIn 2001, when a woman X visited a dentist to get her wisdom tooth extracted, she felt something warm and lumpy in her hand. She noticed it to be the penis of the dentist she visited for the treatment, and therefore immediately left the clinic. Now she has reported a complaint against the dentist but till now no reliable scientific material supporting the claim has been provided in front of the judge.

Lawyer Brent Stanaway of the High Court at Wellington criticized the quality of the bits and pieces that have been provided against the dentist.

According to the dentist, in actual nothing such happened that day and he said that the lady was sedated but she was conscious and therefore possibility is that she felt such feelings under hallucination.

The dentist's name has not been disclosed since the materialization of this allegation. But if he is found guilty, then as told by the legal authorities, he would be suspended from work for nine months and would be penalized $87,000. Moreover, upon resuming his work, he would be restricted to work while having a chaperone with him and he would not be allowed to see sedatives for next three years.

Since the dentist has made an appeal to the Justice Denis Clifford for getting further investigations done, therefore the judge has reserved his decision for the time being.