Requirement of CT Scanner in Queenstown

Requirement of CT Scanner in QueenstownA document on the need for CT scanner to serve the people residing in the Central Otago and Queenstown Lake area has been presented by National Health Board. The Dunstan Hospital is quiet confident to receive approval from the Southern District Health Board on issuing CT scanner in the region.

In the report, the panel suggested issuing CT scanner at the Lakes District Hospital in Queenstown, but the authorities have kept the appeal on hold and were asking for further reports on the issue in order to make the right decision.

The administrators of Dunstan Hospital and Central Otago Health Services Ltd have been trying to seek approval on getting a scanner at the centre for the people. As per the Chairman, Russell McGeorge, "The report highlighted that there should be a scanner in this area and that's a big step forward, considering we've been trying making a case for that”.

He stated that the board had said that they will allow one scanner in the region and the decision of its equipment will be taken after a critical analysis on the issue. Mr. Russell thinks that placing of the scanner at Dunstan Hospital will be an intelligent decision as the hospital is located at the centre.