Mercedes-Benz returns to Berlin to celebrate its 125th anniversary

Mercedes-Benz returns to Berlin to celebrate its 125th anniversaryMarking the landmark celebration of the 125th anniversary of Mercedes-Benz’s invention of automobile, the foremost luxury car producer in the world scheduled one of its largest-ever gatherings over the weekend – the venue being the vast 250,000 square-metre open area of Berlin’s former Tempelhof airport!

Thanks to the untiring efforts of the Mercedes-Benz Club and Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts, a wonderful assortment of nearly 1,800 Mercedes-Benz-branded vehicles --- ranging from vintage and classic passenger cars to a wide array of historic commercial vehicles - greet the visitors at the venue.

The celebratory event provides the Mercedes-Benz owners with a unique opportunity to present their lovingly cared-for vehicles, including several truly rare items of automotive history, to the Berlin public.

Along with a number of Mercedes-Benz owners converging for the gala from different places, the event also presents a chance for demonstration drives of the legendary Silver Arrows – which are part of the Mercedes-Benz Classic collection, and date from the 1930s and 1950s.

Furthermore, the grand show also gives the visitors a chance to access first-hand experiences of the newest technologies to be applicable in the future for in passenger cars, racing cars, and commercial vehicles.

Noting that Mercedes-Benz is returning to Berlin to celebrate together with Berliners, the organizer pointed out the connection between Berlin and the luxury-car brand, saying: “Some 125 years ago, Carl Benz submitted his patent application for the Benz Patent Motor Car to the Patent Office in Berlin.”