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TopNews New Zealand offers latest news on Business and Technology. The website offers important updates for busy professionals, who demand quick information. TopNews keeps you updated on Stock Markets, Technology, Real Estate, Company News and Banking Sector.

A Brief profile of our editors has been listed below.

Manish Verma manages Business News and Real Estate section on TopNews. Manish has finished Master's in Financial Engineering from New Zealand. He has been tracking real estate trends in New Zealand for past 3 years.

Tangaroa Snell manages HealthCare and Healtcare related business section on TopNews and is always interested in talking about innovations of Technology Companies. She keeps a close watch on Internet based companies as well.

Omaka Nelson keeps an eye on Energy Sector and regional news. Omaka manages Regional News Section on TopNews.

Girish Kumar Guha has been working in Finance Sector for past 15 years. Mr. Guha has worked with many financial services companies in New Zealand and Australia. He manages Finance and Asia News Sections on TopNews.

Surjit Singh has special interest in Stock Markets and Telecom Sector. Surjit started investment blog 6 years back. He has joined TopNews 10 months back. Prior to working with TopNews New Zealand, Mr. Singh was working with TopNews India as sub editor in Telecom Sector.

Senior Reporters

Sudarshan Tandon brings his expertise in HealthCare sector. He keeps a close watch on the latest happenings in HealthCare and Food Processing companies in New Zealand. Originally from Gujarat, Mr. Tandon has been living in New Zealand for past 12 years.

Amandeep Menon works as senior reporter in Finance News. He has joined TopNews in year 2008.

Kohia Dennison has special interest in Energy Sector. He has been associated with various regional development programs in New Zealand as well.

Supreet Khanna helps Mr. Surjeet with quick reporting on the latest happenings in Telecom and Media Sectors.

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