Apple removes MySQL from Mac OS X Lion Server

Apple removes MySQL from Mac OS X Lion ServerThe latest version of Apple’s Mac OS X Server doesn’t feature MySQL as the Cupertino-based firm replaced it with PostgreSQL.

Snow Leopard Server, the previous version of the Mac OS, used to offer access to MySQL from both the GUI as well as the command line.

The newly released Mac OS X server features PostgreSQL, but it is available only from the command line.

EnterpriseDB, which has commercialized the open source PostgreSQL, said it had no knowledge about MySQL’s removal from Lion until it hit the Apple Store. The company also claimed that they had no involvement with Apple when it came to the addition of Postgres with Mac OS X Lion.

Dohery and Karen Tegan Padir from EnterpriseDB speculated that Apple might have removed MySQL from the Mac OS X Lion as the relational database fallen into the hands of Oracle.

Speaking on the topic, Padir said, "It seems that they're worried about IP issues, especially in light of Oracle's lawsuit against Google and Android over Java."

Padir added that Oracle's approach about open source is unclear. In any event, Mac OS X Lion doesn’t feature MySQL. Those who wish to use MySQL with the latest version of the software will have to install it on their own.