China trade to treble, predicts Zespri

China trade to treble, predicts Zespri

Within the next 10 years, New Zealand’s Fruits major Zespri expects exports to China to treble.

Approximately 205 million fruit units at present are exported to China and the country accounts for 6% of Zespri sales.

Carol Ward, director of corporate and grower services said, “Based on current growth rates, it is realistic to anticipate that within a 10-year timeframe, China and Hong Kong could form up to 20% of our total business.”

On Tuesday night, Best Logistics Strategy for China was won by the kiwifruit marketing company at the New Zealand China Trade Association award ceremony.

If adhered to Zespri then its efficient logistics strategy in China has helped boost sales volumes which rose 28% in the 2008/09 year compared with the year before.

Market analyst Gretchen Hanley said, “China does actually produce a quarter of the world's kiwifruit, but of course they want it in their off season, so it's definitely a positive for our exporters there.”

Hanley added that as New Zealand aims for economic recovery it is important to make the most of export opportunities.