New Hilton Towers Opened in Queensland

New Hilton Towers Opened in QueenslandIt has been revealed in recent news that the Hilton group of Hotels has opened two new outlets in Queenstown. This shall give a huge upturn to the tourism industry of the area. It shall help to bring more people in the vicinity and mean more money for the industry.

The hotel has 178 rooms. Also, the other hotel named Kawarau, which has 98 rooms, which is run by Hilton, are the largest two living spaces offered for the tourists of the vicinity.

"Queenstown is my favorite holiday destination in New Zealand and the opening of this hotel is hugely important for the long term tourism offering of the region”, said Prime Minister John Key, who travelled to Queenstown. It means that people from all sectors of the society now have a specific area of interest where they can come and live and where they can find affordable prices.

These new hotels shall mark a beginning for the era of industrial development for the nation. It shall help in building links and form newer ways for the development of the business of the society. It shall help to make the town of Queensland come up with newer ventures for tourism.