NHB Seeks Rehaul of Health Care Services

QueenstownAhead of the scheduled visit of NHB Deputy National Director, Michael Hundleby to circumvent the health care situation in Queenstown, the National Health Board (NHB) is leaving no stone unturned to make collaborative efforts to rehaul health care management within the community.

Following the uproar created by the Wakatipu Health Trust over insufficient health care services, Southern DHB has called the NHB to make joint steps to raise the standards of health care practices and simultaneously, erasing dissatisfaction among general public pertaining to health care sector.

Moreover, a special team has been roped in, led by the immediate past Chair of the NZ Medical Association, Dr. Peter Foley along with two renowned members, including a known consumer advocate David Russell and an emergency physician, to structuralize and maximize the potential of community and hospital services in Queenstown, to deliver the best available services to the community as a whole.

Iterating the need for rapid action, Michael Hundleby claimed, “We want to quickly end concerns around the shape of future health services in the Wakatipu area. We want to assure the community of financially viable, affordable and secure health services. And we want to deliver a firm timeline which recognises the opportunity for a solution for Queenstown”.