School Budget Given Green Signal

School Budget Given Green SignalPolitics is a dirty game where everyone wants to win and nobody wishes to lose. During the recent voting session, Governor Andrew Cuomo, has tried to bring the focus of the electorates to analyze the bloated administrative lines in the school budgets.
Besides Andrew Cuomo persisting pressure against the bloated school budget, 90% of the budget has been passed. The school budget has been given preference despite of economic failure and vigorous tax burden.
Mr. Andrew Cuomo has been criticizing for months from his oppress platform about the bloated education bureaucracy, casting doubt on the entire education system. But his efforts have gone into vein as he offered little hard evidence to support his claims.
The government harangued frivolously that teachers would not have to be out of work if there were cuts in state school aid. Furthermore, Mr. Cuomo alleged that school districts were just playing politics to suggest there might be layoffs.
However, it has come to light that it was the governor who was playing politics and not the school. As he was planning a strategy of winning votes by bring into focus the widespread voters dissatisfaction with school budgets. It was obvious that this strategy would prepare the stage for his chosen path.