RGNT No. 1 Classic & Scrambler e-bikes now available for order in U.S.

RGNT No. 1 Classic & Scrambler e-bikes now available for order in U.S.

Swedish electric motorcycle manufacturer RGNT has finally opened order books for its retro-styled electric motorcycles in the United States. Just around a couple of years ago, RGNT was just a fledgling startup with a lot of enthusiasm. Over the past years, the retro-styled RGNT electric motorcycle underwent a lot of design and technical changes, even as the startup kept battling various production woes created by the deadly COVID-19 pandemic.

Finally, the electric motorcycle is ready and it is being offered in two models: the RGNT No. 1 Classic and the RGNT No. 1 Scrambler. Over the past several months, the 125 km/h (77 mph) retro-style electric motorcycle received numerous component upgrades, including improved suspension fork with increased durability and new Galfer brake rotors.

In September last year, the company announced the opening of pre-orders for European customers. Now, just a few months later, the company has started accepting orders from U.S. customers.

The RGNT No.1 Classic e-bike produces peak power of 11kW and draws power from a 7.7-kWh battery. The system delivers a driving range of 110 km (roughly 60 miles) on highways and more than 160 km (roughly 99 miles) on city roads. Top speed of the e-bike has been reported at 125 km/h (77.6 mph). The battery takes less than 3 hours to get recharged from 20 to 80%. Including the battery pack, the e-bike weighs 156 kg or roughly 344 pounds.

The Scrambler model looks only slightly different from the Classic version. It comes equipped with the same-capacity electric motor and battery. However, it offers a longer range on city roads. As per the manufacturer’s claims, it offers a range of 110 km on highways and 180 km (111 miles) on city roads. Its top speed has been pegged at 120 km/h (74.5 mph). At 155 kg (342 pounds), it is slightly lighter than the Classic model.

Basic components like J. Juan CBS brakes, 220mm disc in the rear, 35mm Paioli Ceriani suspension system, a 340mm rear shock absorber, Motogadget LED lights, a seven-inch LCD touch display with GPS and cloud connectivity are common in both e-bikes.

The RGNT No.1 Classic is available with a price tag of $12,495, while the No. 1 Scrambler costs higher at $13,495. The e-bikes destined for U.S. market are expected to ship sometime in or around December 2022, with deliveries to customers estimated for early 2023.