Crucial credit card data stolen; posted online

Crucial credit card data stolen; posted online

As per the media reports, data containing minute details of credit card was recently stolen, after which it was posted on a blog site. The stolen details include information of thousands of people, including many New Zealanders.

An Australian newspaper, which discovered the data online, reported that it included thousands of Visas, MasterCard and American Express numbers, including expiry dates, together with home addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.

The matter is being investigated by police in the state of Victoria, which is also advising credit card holders to check their transaction information for any unauthorized debits.

Police holds a viewpoint that skimming of ATMs and other point-of-sale systems played a major role in carrying out the identity theft.

Among the points of sale, holiday accommodation and courier billings are significant.

Though majority of cardholders are Australian; the list includes some New Zealanders, Britons and Germans as well.