Mobinil and Qualcomm Plan To Launch ‘Click Diagnostics’

DiagnosticsEgypt’s Mobinil and American Qualcomm Incorporated have joined hands to launch a new project named as “Click Diagnostics”. The diagnostic technique will enable the dermatologists to diagnose skin conditions remotely through 3G services.

The program sites will allow the doctors to take images of the patients’ skin conditions and capture symptoms in text formation using the 3G networks. This information will be sent through Mobinil’s 3G HSPA mobile broadband network to rapidly obtain diagnosis from specialists working anywhere else.

Mobinil CEO, Hassan Kabbani said that this project is an example of Mobinil and can improve the lives of people living in Egypt.

Doctors have shown their support for the new project and believe that the technology will be a breakthrough in the field of medical study. Doctors also believe that the new project could also reduce the time for which patients are required to be in the hospital.

The developers of the project believe that the new 3G mobile broadband project has the ability to significantly improve speed, efficiency and quality of health care, especially in developing countries where there is a lack of medical resources.