Sony in search of partners to enter fast-growing EV space

Sony in search of partners to enter fast-growing EV space

Sony Corporation, Japanese multinational conglomerate headquartered in Minato area of Tokyo, is slowly but steadily forging its path from entertainment electronics to the automobile and e-mobility space. Some senior executives of Sony have revealed that the company is in search of new technology partners in order to bring its electric vehicle (EV) projects to life.

More and more companies are trying to enter the fast-growing space of electric cars as they believe that that EVs are much easier as well as profitable to build than their conventional ICE counterparts. Moreover, high-tech features like 5G connectivity and autonomous driving are expected to transform cars from things that require Sony-like companies’ engagement in producing platforms for information and entertainment services that can be used in EVs.

In that scenario, it is no surprise that an entertainment giant like Sony wants to find a way into the booming EV space.

Izumi Kawanishi, the senior general manager who will be responsible for managing Sony Mobility business once the electronics giant fully commits to building EVs, said the risk of ignoring EVs is greater than the challenge they pose.

Confirming Sony’s interest in EVs, Kawanishi, “We see the risk of ignoring EVs as greater than the challenge they pose. The coming transformation of cars was in some ways similar to how information technology turned phones into smartphones.”

Sony’s potential entry into the EV space will not be reprising at all as the company has already worked with industry experts at Magna, where it worked to help build the initial prototypes it shown at the recently held CES. Many industry experts expect Sony to remain stick with Magna, which is supplier to automobile giants like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and GM. In the case of Mercedes-Benz, Magna builds the formidable G-Wagen. In a similar partnership with Fisker, the company agreed to start building the Ocean electric SUV sometime later this year. The same can be expected from Sony.

However, any such agreement with Sony will not be a conventional type of partnership as that would mark Sony’s leap from Playstation gaming consoles to electric cars. Sony would have an edge over rivals on the infotainment side of things. In any way, producing and selling EV-friendly content will definitely create a huge revenue stream for any entity that will figure it out first; and Sony seems to be one of the front runners.