Laboratory fight appeal declined to be heard by Court

Diagnostic Medlab, Labtests

Since the Supreme Court is ruling in favor of new operator Labtests over Diagnostic Medlab, it seems that the bad blood over Auckland laboratory testing operation could be a thing of the past.

Though the battle between the two companies has come to an end, there are no celebrations as yet.

Harbour Health's Susan Turner reports, "Overall what it means is a complete reduction in services in the workforce and in the collection centres."

As of now, many Aucklanders are concerned about how far they will have to travel in order to get a blood test, and it has been confirmed by the Labtests that taking over will not be easy.

Back in 2006, Labtests was awarded an eight year contract, however the start date have been delayed by the court challenges from Diagnostic Medlab.

Since the time Labtests was awarded the contract in 2006, the two firms have fought for it in three courts, but now finally defeat has been faced by Diagnostic Medlab.

Arthur Morris from Diagnostic Medlab said, "Well we're very disappointed. Our staff have been through two-and a-half years of difficult times and I really feel for them."

According to Mr. Morris, an uncertain future is being faced by his 750 staff. However, Labtests has confirmed that they would be glad to take them on.

It has also been informed by Labtests that it will start functioning in July or August and all Aucklanders will have a testing facility within a 15 minutes drive.