Guangdong Hongtu Technology to develop 12,000-ton die-casting unit for EV manufacturing

Guangdong Hongtu Technology to develop 12,000-ton die-casting unit for EV manufacturing

Guangdong Hongtu Technology Company Limited (GHT), a developer and supplier of precision aluminum alloy die castings and related accessories to automakers like NIO and XPeng, has announce that it will develop a 12,000-ton die-casting unit in partnership with LK Technology.

LK Technology is one of key suppliers of die-casting, lighting solutions and electrical equipment to Tesla – the world’s leading producer of electric vehicles (EVs). Amid soaring demand for EVs, Tesla is expanding its American as well as foreign manufacturing facilities. In China, it operated famed Giga Press, which is a 6,000-ton die-casting machine that is used to produce larger, one-piece EV components like single front and rear pieces for the Model Y electric SUV.

In November last year, Tesla’s die-casting supplier LK Technology had announced that it was working with six Chinese automobile manufacturers to deploy similar manufacturing technology. At the time, LK Technology had stated that Chinese automakers ways to go in vehicle design before it could deliver larger die-casting machines.

Recently, two Chinese EV makers, viz. NIO and XPeng, announced plans to launch die-casting units at their own assembly lines sooner than later. The two Chinese manufacturers are actually trying to adopt Tesla-like die-casting manufacturing.

Announcing that it will launch 6,800-ton chassis integrated structural parts; GHT declared that it has signed an agreement with a subsidiary of LK Technology to buy eight large and super die-casting machines. It confirmed that it will also work with LK Technology and other partners to develop a 12,000-ton die-casting unit. That is roughly double the size of existing Giga Press machines that Tesla is currently using for EV manufacturing in China.

Manufactured by Idra Group in Italy, Giga Press die casting machines are currently the largest high-pressure die casting machines in the world, with an impressive clamping force of 55,000 to 61,000 kilonewtons.

GHT didn’t reveal which Chinese automobile manufacturers might utilize its manufacturing technology, but the participation of executives of NIO and XPeng dropped clear hints that these two EV makers will be among the companies that will use GHT’s technology.

At a recent GHT event, NIO’s XPT Motor Division CEO Thomas Ruggieri and XPeng Motors Vice President Jiang Ping participated, and congratulated the die-casting technology supplier on its expansion. As mentioned above, both Chinese manufacturers are already working with GHT for various automotive parts.

Amid soaring demand for EVs, larger die-casting units will undoubtedly allow manufacturers to increase their production, enabling them to meet demand in shorter time periods.