Microsoft’s Kinect sets new Guinness World Record

MicrosoftMicrosoft's Kinect motion sensor for the Xbox 360 game console beat iPhone and iPad by becoming the fastest-selling electronics gadget of all time.

The manufacturer has set a new Guinness World Record by selling 10 million units of the Kinect in just four months after its launch in November.

According to Guinness World Records, Microsoft sold an average of 133,333 units of Kinect daily, surpassing sales of other popular consumer electronics device, including the iPhone and iPad.

Gaz Deaves, editor of Guinness World Records 2011 Gamers’ edition, said, “We can confirm that no other consumer electronics device sold faster within a 60-day time span, an incredible achievement considering the strength of the sector.”

The Kinect’s 3D-capable camera tracks the movements of the player and translates those movements to a digital avatar. It shows what the next-generation hardware will be able to do. Experts are of the view that it will even enable users to paint 3D images in mid-air.

The Kinect for Xbox 360, which was developed by Microsoft as an answer to Nintendo’s Wii, cost arounf 130 pounds.