Vito and Gunther - Two Zoo Inhabitants Died on the Same Day

Vito and Gunther - Two Zoo Inhabitants Died on the Same DayFriendship will never die for Vito and Gunther, as both of them have entered the eternal world together. Gunter, a 14-year-old Vietnamese potbellied pig and Vito, a 29-year-old donkey, died because of natural reasons, on last Friday within gap of one hour at the North Attleboro's World War I Memorial Park Zoo.

According to the reports, both the animals were best of friends throughout their life and they both were very popular among the visitors because of their friendly nature. Gunther was donated by a rescue league in Dedham and he was living at the petting zoo since the year 1997. Vito had spent more than a decade in the zoo.

According to Steve Carvalho, the Park and Recreation Director, this painful incident has made the atmosphere very sad at the zoo. Their death made all the staff upset and depressed as they were very friendly with all of them.

He added that both of them were not keeping well for the last couple of years. Though the death occurred naturally, but still they have no clear idea why both of them died on the same day. He said it can be regarded as sympathy death which may happen after going through emotional shock.

The Park Commissioner, Timothy Coyle, has decided to donate miniature horse in the loving memory of Vito and Gunther.