Southern DHB Announces a New Integrated Family Health Centre in Queenstown

Southern DHB Announces a New Integrated Family Health Centre in QueenstownSouthern DHB has announced a new integrated family health centre (IFHC) in Queenstown. The new IFHC would provide a wide range of services to the people.

The main aim of launching IFHC is to provide easy access of a large number of health services like general practice, outpatient clinics, X-rays, pharmacists and physiotherapists to the public.

The Chief Executive OF DHB, Brian Rousseau says that the hospital would provide doctors, medical services and hospital beds to all those who require the hospital-level and emergency care, at one place.

The DHB Chief has denied the all the media reports which claimed that there will be no hospital services in Queenstown. He has given advertisements in the region's newspapers to make sure that the Wakatipu community hospital services will continue in Queenstown.

The possible site of new IFHC would be the Lakes District Hospital site which has to be redeveloped for the accommodation of new services.

The other alternative for the IFHC the hospital and community services to the integrated medical services facility that is planned to be built in the Remarkables Park development zone.