Aptera SEV beta version tested on track ahead of production later this year

Aptera SEV beta version tested on track ahead of production later this year

Aptera Motors, an American solar electric vehicle (SEV) startup based in San Diego area of US state of California, recently shared video clips of its upcoming SEV prototype running on a test track. The SEV prototype, which was seen running on the test track alongside the three already unveiled alpha versions, represents Aptera’s last phase before the start of pre-production and subsequent deliveries of the vehicle later this year.

The new SEV was first unveiled in late 2020 with the same moniker as that of the company, which has been quite prudent in keeping the growing number of reservation holders and others in tough with its progress.

The startup began the journey with the Aptera Noir – an all black version of the SEV. In summer last year, it was joined by the Sol – a white counterpart to the Noir. By the month of October, the company announced Luna – the third and final alpha version of the SEV.

Confirming that Aptera was also working on the SEV’s beta versions, Aptera vehicle designer Jason Hill stated that beta versions will look much the same as the Alpha series, albeit with several packaging and comfort improvements.

Speaking on the topic, Mr. Hill said, “Beta vehicles, of which the design is nearly completed, will look much the same as our Alpha series. We have made packaging and comfort improvements, and several refinements for the interior design including seating, door panel and instrument panel.”

Late last year, Aptera Co-founder Chris Anthony told reporters that the only intent of the beta version is to validate production parts, and that all the betas would likely soon be completed, enabling the company to eventually put the model into production by the end of first or second quarter of 2022.

Now, the company has released footage showing a beta version Aptera SEV running on a test track. It seems as if the SEV is moving closer to production. The footage posted on social-networking platform Twitter shows the beta version of the Aptera SEV, joined by the three aforementioned alpha versions, on the move.

Meanwhile, a poll from IG followers of the brand revealed that 80 per cent people believe that Aptera SEV’s beta version looks great. As work on the SEV is still in progress, several more improvements and enhancements could be made to the vehicle.