Polish Man Accuses After Denied Insurance Cover

Polish Man Accuses After Denied Insurance CoverA Polish man expressed his disbelief and grief as he described his agony of paying hospital bills, despite an insurance cover, when his wife suffered an accident.

The incident occurred when Piotr Kuczynski and his wife Lilianna Kulikowski Kuczynski, natives of Poland were vacationing in Queenstown.

During an adventure sport, Paragliding, Mrs. Kuczynski, aged 55, met with an accident during a flight with G Force Paragliding, as a result of which, she got her leg fractured.

When she was taken to Southland Hospital the doctors there, gave him the option of either continuing the treatment in New Zealand itself, followed by rehabilitation or to be treated in Poland itself.

Considering the long duration of the treatment, Mrs. Kuczynski chose to get operated in her hometown only.

The hospital bill came out to be nearly $7500, which the couple asked G Force Paragliding to pay.

But to their shock, the company refused as Gavin Taylor from G Force Paragliding said the accident did not occurred because of any form of carelessness by pilot. Moreover, as per the ACC norms, they would have considered the bill payment, if only couple would have chosen for treatment in New Zealand itself.

It is mandatory for every traveler to get a medical insurance before flying to New Zealand. ACC covers all the accidents to make sure that the tourists are treated same as the citizens.

A spokesman from ACC said: "Patients are advised of their entitlements under the ACC system. Clearly while QMC staff is aware of the ACC system they are not and cannot be expected to be aware of the medical systems in other countries".