New E-Class Introduced by Mercedes

New E-Class Introduced by Mercedes

Mercedes has introduced its latest E-Class, the E350, to markets all over, and the car has been designated as one of the finest models the company has every come out with. It is much better, and more loaded, than its predecessor, and sports a new, bolder look.

Front lights, as opposed to the old owlish version, are angular and the profile is much longer and lower, with prominent haunches. The AMG sports package has further managed to embellish the vehicle's lines, in addition to adding front and rear aprons and side skirts, unique wheels and sports suspension.

The new car has been equipped with a 3.5 liter, 235kW/365Nm V6 engine, with 7-speed auto transmission, and can from 0 to 100 in a mere 6.3 seconds. The vehicle is no light feat, weighing proud at 1670 kg, thanks to all the tech goodies it is bundled with.

The new E-Class boasts a lane-keep assist, a blind-spot assist and cruise control. It has comes coupled with pre-crash system that prepares the brakes and airbags in the scenario of a possible crash, also the brakes dry themselves when wet. Also, the car will sound an alarm if it thinks that the driver is drowsy.

The latest E-Class, which was unveiled at the LA Auto Show, comes with a price tag of $139,000 and addition of $7300 to its predecessor.