Spark over the possible Merger of LDG and Clyde’s Dustan Hospital

Spark over the possible Merger of LDG and Clyde’s Dustan HospitalAn unwarranted outrage has been sparked over the future of Queens-town’s Lakes District Hospital. Reportedly, Southern District Health Board’s (SDHB) advisory committee has rejected the DHB’ plan and has proposed to make it a community trust model.

A 12 person committee chaired by Otago University medical professor John Campbell was made to analyze all the available option and finally recommended to adopt a cost effective “ regional governance model” to merge LDH and Clyde’s Dunstan Hospital.

though the report was supposed to be present in the front of Board members on 3rd Feb., Mountain scene has somewhat got hold of the reports and have further expressed dissatisfaction over the recommendations made by the committee.

The committee members, including Senior SDHB medicos, LDH hospital bosses, GPs, a nurse’s union official and a Dunstan Hospital doctor are furious over the unfair treatment given to Queenstown and have consequently, agreed on a “regional governance model” under the financial support from SDHB.

Contrary to the recommendations, Mario Cole of the Wakatipu Health Trust is not happy with the proposal of being separated from SDHM, and forcefully being enmeshed into Dustan by the top bureaucrats of the hospitals.