Tesla Roadster and Model 3 emerge as “most anticipated” and “most desirable” EVs

Tesla Roadster, Model 3 emerge as “most anticipated” and “most desirable” EVs

The Tesla Roadster is the most anticipated electric vehicle (EV), just ahead of the Tesla Cybertruck, results of Google search data revealed. Amid the accelerating shift from internal combustion engines (ICEs) to EVs worldwide, a large number of people resorted to Google [the world’s most popular search engine] in 2021, searching for anticipated as well as their most desirable EVs. Many of them used Google to search for EVs that have yet to enter the market, while many others t used the internet search giants express their desirability for various existing electric cars.

Google data for searches related to electric cars in 168 countries across the globe were collected, and a deep analysis of the data revealed that the Tesla Roadster topped the list of models that were searched by consumers during last year. A whopping 8,532,000 Google searches were made for the Tesla Roadster in 2021 alone. In other words, consumers searched for the Tesla Roadster on an average of more than 700,000 times per month, even as production and delivery dates for this much anticipated EV are nowhere in sight.

The Tesla Roadster emerged as the most searched EV in Britain, while the Tesla Cybertruck topped the list in the USA, where the Roadster grabbed the second place. When it comes to global search volume, the unique Cybertruck took second place overall, with more than 7,296,000 Google searches.

The yet to be formally announced Apple Car took the third spot, while the BMW i4 and Chevrolet Silverado EV Rounded out the top 5 "most anticipated EVs" in global search on Google in 2021.

The first spot on the list of “most desired EVs” on Google for 2021 was grabbed by the Tesla Model 3 electric sedan. In the USA, the Tesla Model Y emerged as the most desired EV on Google for 2021. All four existing Tesla models make the top 5 Global search list for 2021.

The aforementioned Google search stats are enough to show consumers’ shift from ICEs to EVs, in the midst of a global health crisis. While adverse business conditions created by the pandemic, not to mention worldwide chip shortage and other supply constraints, made some automakers to see some of their worst total vehicles sales, most of the manufacturers and startups enjoyed an unprecedented rise in EV sales.