Computer System Will Soon Track Deer and Cattle Movement

A new computer system will be developed to stalk up the movements and actions of cattle and deer and the work will be done by an IT services firm from Wellington.

Earlier, the authorities were in favour to provide the task to an Australian organization but somehow the talks could not go further and the project was backed by Fronde.

An electronic database system will be created under the National Animal Identification and Tracing (Nait) scheme and would be initiated for cattle by July 2012 and for deer it would be out by March 2013.

Price Tag Meet Later this Month

Price Tag Meet Later this MonthOn 12th April, there was a talk among the senior doctors and their employers in regard of their pays but the same was halted for some time due to the settlement that was proposed. Now the same is expected to take place in the end of this month in Wellington. During the earlier meet, a business case was released before the doctors, which stated on the whole price tag as $360 million.

New Zealand Doctors Not Taking Help of Interpreters

New Zealand Doctors Not Taking Help of InterpretersNew Zealand health professionals have not been taking the services of professional interpreters even though they have been aware of the risk of miscommunication, says a report published in the Medical Journal.

Drug Treatment Policy Not Appropriate

Drug Treatment Policy Not AppropriateAs per information reported from Wellington's Drug Policy conference speakers, health experts should understand the fact that drug addiction has nothing to do with physiological or psychological addiction.

Moreover, they further added that illness without any doubt has some strong correlations with socio-economic factors.

Wellington Coroner Fears Repeat of Suicide by Helium

A recent case of a 23-year-old Wellington man committing suicide using helium has caught the attention of a Wellington Coroner, who has come all out to voice concern about making such cases public thereby triggering the risk of copycat surges.

It has been claimed the man killed himself in October 2009 by utilising helium gas and placing a plastic bag over his head.

Though the family was aware about the fact that the victim had been battling depression, they never expected that situation could go to that extent.

Dirty Hostels With Likely Health Risk Scare Support Workers

Dirty Hostels With Likely Health Risk Scare Support WorkersAccording to reported, support workers have called for hostels to be put on a register, as they are scared of visiting clients, due to dirty hostels which may have health risks.