Measles Vaccine is Must, Says HMO Nesdale

Measles Vaccine is Must, Says HMO NesdaleIncreasing number of measles cases has made Medical Officer of Health, Annette Nesdale, to make an announcement for Wellington people. She has announced that those who have not received vaccination should take it immediately, and those who are dilemma should also take it.

Measles Threatening Wellington

Measles Threatening WellingtonWellington hasn’t yet overcome the threat of measles. Recently, another suspect, a child, under the age of five, was diagnosed with measles. Till date, five cases of measles have been reported in Wellington. Annette Nesdale, Medical Officer of Health, said that the disease is likely to come along with the people visiting Wellington from Auckland, as around 200 people have been found suffering from measles in Auckland since May.

Wellington Seeds Meningococcal Disease Again

Wellington Seeds Meningococcal Disease AgainIt has been revealed according to recent report that a new case of meningococcal disease has been confirmed in Wellington. The infected is said to be a woman in her 20s. She had been admitted to the Wellington Hospital where her disease was confirmed.

Measles Strikes Twice in Wellington

Measles Strikes Twice in WellingtonYet another case was confirmed for measles in Wellington and by this, the number of cases in the region has reached two. Recent case is of a person working at Kaffee Eis, a place known for its gelatos and coffee.

He was not aware of the infection and continued working. Regional Public Health was of the view that he would have visited other places as well, and there are chances that he might have caused the disease to spread.

NZ Needs a Strong Meningococcal C Vaccine Program

NZ Needs a Strong Meningococcal C Vaccine ProgramIncreasing cases of meningococcal C have led an immunization expert to call for nationwide funding for vaccine in New Zealand.

Hutt Hospital Restructures Procedures after Witnessing Patient’s Death

Hutt Hospital Restructures Procedures after Witnessing Patient’s DeathHutt Hospital has restructured its treatment procedures after the incident which has notified their level of reckless behavior which resulted in the death of its patient.