Debate On Over Euthanasia, final Decision Tonight

Debate On Over Euthanasia, final Decision TonightTonight will come the final decision of the debate running between Maryan Street's private members and the opposition team whether to legalize euthanasia or no.

A public meeting has been arranged today by Hospice New Zealand at the Paramount Cinema in Wellington where local as well as international campaigners have been called to talk, discuss and debate over the issue and get the final decision out soon.

Heavy Cuts Can Lower the Quality of Care

Heavy Cuts Can Lower the Quality of CareIt has been reported that protestors gathered at Wellington Hospital while asking the authorities not to go ahead with low cost services. About $20 million cuts in the funding of the services of primary health care services has been proposed.

Flu Takes life of Woman in Wellington

Flu Takes life of Woman in Wellington

A widower from Wellington has urged people to take flu vaccination, as his wife, who was unvaccinated passed away due to the same reason. Mark McIlroy said that his wife Catherine died after five days of contracting the flu.

Though Catherine died as she was not vaccinated, Wellington officials were of the view that people should not panic. Tim Blackmore, who is an infection expert at Capital and Coast DHB, was of the view that it is quite rare that people have lost their lives due to the infection.

Obesity, not Obese People, Should be treated as the Problem

Obesity, not Obese People, Should be treated as the ProblemIt is not that obesity has got limelight just recently; it is one such topic which has been discussed for centuries. However, a new addition to this topic is that it is now being considered as a disease.

Researchers Suggest Smoking Ban in Public Areas

Smoking-BanA group of analysts from the Otago University in Wellington has revealed after a latest study that smoking results in excessive air pollution, thereby causing serious health hazards.

The study that was conducted with an enrolment of 284 smokers has unfolded that the habit of smoking anywhere and anytime leads to an increased rate of dangerous particulates in the air.

Winter Flu Outbreak in Wellington

Winter Flu Outbreak in WellingtonWellington has at present been experiencing an outbreak of winter flu with an increase in the number of affected persons as compared to that noted last year, says a recent report.

However, there is not any major difference between the figures noted in these two years, but the rising number of cases is a thing of huge concern.