Case against Boeing Still Causing Fight

BoeingA case against Boeing was filed by Labor boards this week, due to the company movements to change airplane production from a nonunion plant in South Carolina to a unionized one in Washington State.

Vernal Equinox 2011 occurs on March 20

Vernal-Equinox-2011Sunday, March 20, marked the vernal equinox- the traditional start of official day of spring and the end of winter.

The Sun yesterday was directly over the equator on the Tropic of Cancer. The Sun crossed into the Northern Hemisphere and will shine there for the majority of the time for the majority of time in the coming next six months.

Undead Labs confirms zombie game ‘Class 3' for Xbox Live

gameWashington-based Undead Labs has announced that it would create an open world zombie-survival game, codenamed Class 3, in collaboration with Microsoft.

The open world zombie-survival game, which has been scheduled to launch on Xbox Live Arcade for the Microsoft Xbox 360, will let players to answer how they would react in the face of zombie apocalypse.