International Eating Disorder Center Comes In Partnership with Washington Center

Eating-DisorderRecent reports have revealed that Eating Recovery Center has collaborated with Moore Center for Eating Disorders, which is largest clinic in Washington, located in Bellevue, curbing the problem of eating disorders.

Relay for Life Marked Its 20th Anniversary

Relay for Life Marked Its 20th AnniversaryThis year's Johnson County Relay for Life was a great hit as people taking part in it raised a good chunk of money by providing services like car wash, bake sales and by asking for donation door by door. However, the team members of Pink Ladies grabbed the attention as they were able to raise an amount of more than $5,000.

Whooping Cough Scar Haunts Oregon

Whooping-CoughIt seems that it would take some more time before the scar of Pertussis, or whooping cough, would leave the turf of Oregon. It has been reported recently that two elementary school kids along with a high school staff member have been identified with the same, thereby sending the warnings signals in the society.

Washington Witnesses Rise in Whooping Cough Cases

Whooping-CoughAs per reports, it has been revealed that Washington health officials have announced a significant rise in the number of whooping cases. They have asked parents to get their children vaccinated and has also urged adults to receive vaccination.

Sinus Infection Hardly Fear Antibiotics

InfectionSinus is an infection suffered by a large number of people nowadays and it is also true that the congested feeling never goes away easily without a doctor’s prescription. But, is that really beneficial? Are antibiotics the right treatment for sinus?

Microsoft preparing to add live tiles, instant search & more to Bing

microsoftRedmond, Washington-based software giant Microsoft is reportedly preparing to equip its Bing search engine with some new features.

According to a report published by WinRumors, Bing is internally testing live tiles on its home page to allow users to have a glimpse at news, weather, maps, trends and targeted apps.