Electric Vehicle Council slams Victoria Government for proposed punitive mileage tax on electric cars

Electric Vehicle Council slams Victoria Government for proposed punitive mileage tax on electric cars

Automaker Hyundai Motor Company and many other organizations have openly opposed the Victorian government’s controversial proposal, under which a punitive mileage tax would be implemented exclusively on electric cars.

‘Ice’ Drug is Spreading Widely in Country towns

Ice-DrugAccording to reports, it has been revealed that the `ice' drug is found mostly in the Swan Hill and other rural towns.

Richard is a farm worker near Swan Hill in northern Victoria. He is totally addicted to an `ice' drug. He says that Swan Hill and other rural towns in northern Victoria is the hub of the `ice' drug. There is a huge network of ice users and dealers in Swan Hill.

Role of Aboriginal Health Workers Being ‘Underestimated’

AboriginalA Centre for Independent Studies paper is of the view that federal, state and territory governments are underestimating the role of the Aboriginal health workers. Researcher Sara Hudson said that the government needs to define the role of Indigenous health workers and should recognize their value.

Heart State Programme to Provide Defibrillators

St-John-AmbulanceSt John Ambulance Victoria has announced that they will be launching a programme in which they will be providing defibrillators to all the sporting clubs at Ballarat. The Heart Start program will provide the equipments to more than
2,300 sport clubs by 2014.

St John Ambulance Donates 100 Defibrillators

AmbulanceA father, who has seen his teenager son’s death, is hoping that authorities concerned will donate defibrillators to Victorian sporting clubs. Nathan Prince, 17, suffered cardiac arrest when he was playing a football match in the academy.

Mother Succumbs To Complicated Home Birth

Caroline-LovellIt has been recently revealed that a home birth tragedy has resulted in the death of the mother from Victoria. The name of the women was Caroline Lovell and she succumbed after giving birth to a baby daughter.