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A$70 billion LNG export deal signed by Chevron

A$70 billion LNG export deal signed by Chevron

As per the media reports, approx 3 million tonnes a year of liquefied natural gas would be sold by U. S. oil firm Chevron from its Gorgon project in Australia, paving the way for a final investment decision in coming weeks.

On Thursday, Chevron declared that for over 25 years, it shall sell Osaka Gas 1.375 million tonnes and Tokyo Gas 1.1 million tonnes of LNG a year. For nearly 20 years, GS Caltex in South Korea will buy 0.5 million tonnes.

Kraft to pursue Cadbury takeover talks

Kraft Foods, Cadbury

Kraft Foods Inc., the second-largest food company in the world, said that it would pursue the takeover talks with the chocolate giant Cadbury. It may be noted that Cadbury has already rejected a £10.2 billion (equivalent to $16.73 billion) takeover offer made by Kraft Foods.

However, Kraft Foods will most probably have to face competition from U. K. chocolate company Hershey Co.

Another speculation is that Hershey or Nestlé SA may come forward in partnership as a substitute to Kraft Foods.

Discovery to undock from ISS on Tuesday

International Space Station

Seven astronauts at the International Space Station are returning to Earth via space shuttle Discovery.

Discovery and its seven astronauts are due to undock from the International Space Station on Tuesday.

The astronauts packed up Buzz Lightyear, the 12-inch toy, which has been at the ISS for over a year.

The astronauts will bring back a cargo module (5,000 pounds of unneeded items) from the International Space Station.

SpringSource being bought by VMware for $420 mln


With the aim of enhancing the portfolio of programs that help companies run data centers, business software maker VMware Inc has announced its decision to buy the privately-held SpringSource for $420 million, which will be its biggest-ever acquisition.

Economy has started rebounding: Greenspan

Economy has started rebounding: Greenspan

Alan Greenspan, former chairman of Federal Reserve is dead sure that economy has started rebounding as it has already touched the bottom.

Speaking on the topic, Alan Greenspan said, "I'm pretty sure we've already seen the bottom."

He cited the success of 'Cash for Clunkers' program to prove his point. However, he warned the improvement could be marred by a drop in the house prices.

Ford to post July sales jump owing to "cash for clunkers"

Ford to post July sales jump owing to "cash for clunkers"

Ford Motor Co, the U.S. automaker said on Sunday it had sold more cars in the month of July than the same period a year before, signifying the first year-over-year jump for the auto maker in almost two years.

Ford sales specialist, George Pipas said that a surge in sales at the end of the month was made possible by the US government’s multi-billion-dollar "cash for clunkers" car trade-in plan.