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Worldwide technology spending likely to surge 3.3% by coming year


That’s what analysts reckon and advised Gartner Symposium here on Monday, purporting that corporate computing departments shouldn't block social networking and that security shouldn't completely debar communications with the outside world. “And even if information technology authorities want to shut down such activity, they can't” analysts believed.

FCC gets support from Amazon, Facebook, and Google on “Net neutrality”


Internet companies have their opinions and concerns over the “New Rules” governing online communication, which are likely to execute later this week.

Internet giants like Google, Face-book, Amazon, Twitter and a pile of other high-profile tech companies weighed in on new rules that are currently being written and developed to keep the Internet open.

AT&T: Google Voice violates net neutrality rules by blocking ‘premium-rate’ rural calls

AT&T: Google Voice violates net neutrality rules by blocking ‘premium-rate’ rura

Bringing out the advantage that the Google Voice service has vis-à-vis services of other phone companies, AT&T – in its letter to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) – has said that Google’s Voice blocks certain ‘premium-rate’ phone numbers, operated by rural carriers, for which other carriers have to shell out unusually amounts to the rural phone companies.

Sprint unveils Samsung Instinct HD

Sprint, Samsung

Samsung unveiled on Thursday the new Samsung Instinct HD, which will cost $249.99 with a two year deal and after $100 mail-in rebate.

The new Samsung Instinct HD features a 5-megapixel camera, 3.2-inch, 320-by-480 display and GPS.

The upcoming devise also includes Wi-Fi, Opera Mobile 9.7 and preloaded Twitter and Facebook apps in addition to Visual Voicemail, Sprint Navigation and Bluetooth

U.S. workers' health costs soaring, studies show

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The premiums of health insurances for U. S. workers' families have doubled in the last ten years and the same is expected to continue in the times to come, according to reports.

One such organization is the Business Roundtable, which represents large U. S. corporations. Its per employee costs will jump to $28,530 from $10,743 if no steps are taken to prevent it.

U.S. video game sales decline 16 percent in August

U.S. video game

Video gaming has been losing its charm and attraction in the US market, with the country witnessing a 16 percent decline, for a sixth consecutive month, in the sales of video game equipment and related software in the month of August, primarily due to reduced spending by consumers under the impact of the global financial crisis.