Qantas Apologizes for Malfunctioning of Computer System

As confirmed by Qantas, many of its passengers are still queuing across airports in Melbourne and Sydney after a major malfunction was suffered by the carrier's computer system.

The airline's Amadeus system, which is responsible for checking in travelers and their luggage, seemed to have crashed overnight and passengers are still facing delays of up-to an hour. Qantas, however, has promised that things will be back to normal by tomorrow morning.

Quit Smoking This New Year

Quit Smoking This New Year

Sydney South West Area Health Service is ready to help people to reduce smoking. It is providing free service for smokers who are ready to quit this New Year.

Another step has been taken by The Michigan Legislature which has put a ban on workplace smoking. Smokers can smoke in designated areas outside and yet patrons and employees can remain smoke-free.

Surging Home Prices offer hope for recovery

Reports suggesting that although the leap in the value of home prices has been waning on a national scale, Northern Territory continues to see the house prices surging as the months pass.

By September 2009, home prices have surged by 8 per cent nationally while Darwin rose by 11.5 per cent, Melbourne by 12.6 per cent and Sydney by 9.4 per cent. However, few experts say that the future surge or decline of prices remain to be seen as the grant for people owning homes for the first time was cut down.

Kordia expedites talks for transtasman cable

Kordia Chief Executive Geoff Hunt

Kordia Group Ltd, the state owned broadcast and telecommunications firm reported a net loss of $1.1 million led by increase in restructuring costs. However, Kordia Chief Executive Geoff Hunt expressed satisfaction over the results adding that it reflects firm's commitment for making high capital investments.

Kordia has made entry in new domains like telecommunications, media and technology sector during the period investing around $167.2m for increasing its penetration in these domains besides paying a dividend of $26.0m its state shareholders.

New vibration treatment offers hope for people suffering from mitochondrial disease

Nearly one in 250 Australians is affected by the debilitating genetic disorder in which there is a steady decline of muscle mass and strength over their lifetimes. People suffering from the disease have to spend a lot of time resting, in bed or in a wheelchair.

Researchers will soon conduct trails to test efficacy of vibration therapy in treating mitochondrial disease. The trail will involve 25 children and young adults with the condition.