Girl’s Death Troubles Doctor, Inquest Informed

RandwickAs per recent reports, it has come to light that a doctor who was part of a team formulated for treating a preschooler girl who later died at a Sydney hospital has claimed that he is repeatedly disturbed by the death of the girl, but he admitted that he would not have done something different.

NSW Keen on Increasing Organ Donation

Organ-DonationAs per recent reports, it has been revealed by state Health Minister Jillian Skinner that the low levels of organ donation in NSW may well be improved if families take some time out for discussing the issue among themselves.

Party Fracas Takes Two to Court

Royal-Prince-Alfred-HospitalIt has been found through a new report that a 22-year-old man was badly hit by another man of around 20 years of age at a brawl in a party. As per the report, the two men had entered into an argument followed by a reckless broil at Tempe in Sydney on Sunday.

‘Smiley Cancer’

smily faceIt has been recently revealed that a patient’s cancer tumor, when seen under the microscope, seemed to look like a smiling face.

Sydney to Perth: The Audacious Rubber Ducky Expedition

prostate-cancerMr. Peter Jenkins, 64, who was diagnosed with prostate cancer, and was given the all-clear in January following an early detection, is all set to launch from the Sydney International Boat Show at Darling Harbour.

The scheduled event is an eight-metre ''rubber ducky'' rigid inflatable boat bound for the ''over the top'' of Australia to Perth.

Girls Diets Leads to Malnutrition

malnutritionHealthy teenage girls who diet regularly show worrying signs of malnutrition, Sydney researchers have found.

The largest study of its kind shows pressure to be thin could be causing teenage girls serious harm, potentially preventing them from developing properly.