Nestle Records Grand Profit Of $10 Billion

NestleIt has been reported that Nestle SA, a company for Swiss food and drinks, is to register its result for the year right before the stock market opens in Zurich on Friday. The figure of the sales show that the company has easily managed to take a check on their cutbacks as they offered cheap alternatives, and in some cases, also re-priced the top brands and effectively made them much more attractive.

15% Dip In Fourth-Quarter Net Profit for Swisscom

SwisscomSwisscom AG, Switzerland's biggest telecom company, reported on Thursday a dip of its fourth-quarter net profit about 15% to 367 million Swiss francs or $340 million. The net profit for shareholders against 443 million Francs for the fourth quarter of 2008 was 377 million Swiss Francs.

Swiss Scientists Discover Molecules That Trigger Narcolepsy

NarcolepsyScientists from University of Lausanne, Switzerland, believe they have identified immune molecules that target a natural protein in the body, which triggers narcolepsy in some individuals.

Narcolepsy is a health disorder that sparks sudden daytime bouts of tiredness or sleep, and this find may prove to be the barrier-breaking point that could open up new avenues for treatment.

UBS Reports Profit

UBS-AG-LOGOUBS AG has actually swung back to the area of profit as it had registered a net profit for the first time in more than five consecutive years. But there were still a lot of problems as the wealthy clients gave been making heavy withdrawals which indicated the fact that this Swiss bank had not exactly gained back its trust that was lost when they suffered a huge financial crisis and also the reckless problems with the tax authorities in the United States.

Nerves Could be Kept Healthy by Prions, Scientists Claim

Brain-Tissue-vCJD-Neuron-LossCurrently, Swiss scientists are busy carrying out experiments on mice that might help them understand the ways in which the prion protein works. The protein is linked to the brain disease vCJD.

Novartis to Spend $125 Million to Acquire Majority Stakes of Chinese Drug Maker


In a deal which is expected to cost the Swiss giant of the drug manufacturing sector nearly $125 Million, Novartis has revealed its plans to purchase a majority stake in Zhejiang Tianyuan, a privately held vaccines production firm in China. With the move, Novartis is planning to expand into the markets of a country which has been pegged as the world's third largest vaccines market.