Two New Radiotherapy Centers to Come Up In UK

RadiotherapyManchester and London would be home to state of the art radiotherapy centers by 2017. This has been confirmed by Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley, according to whom the center would add a vital dimension to the cancer facilities in UK.

Swiss ABB Acquires Mincom to Expand Business Portfolio

ABBThe merger-acquisition spree has hit the Swiss engineering group ABB, which has shown interest in a Brisbane-based software firm, Mincom. As per reports, ABB has been planning to extend its business portfolio to enterprise asset management software and service and deciphering the potential strength of Mincom, ABB decided on the Company with workforce of 1,000 employees and churning annual revenues of about $200 million.

Collaborative Study Asserts Mental Strength of Depressed People

DepressedDepression can be good! This jaw dropping assertion has been made by a recent collaborative study done by joint efforts of researchers from University of Basel, Switzerland, Clarkson University, Stanford University, Technische Universitat Munchen, Germany and Charit Hospital Berlin, Germany.

The team has claimed that people under medical depression can prove to be highly productive in comparison to healthy ones when it comes to sequential decision making.

Black Tea Helps in Better Digestion of Fondue

Black-TeaGroup of researchers in Switzerland and Germany will be soon finding a better beverage that will help in the digestion of fondue. Fondue, is a dish made by melting cheese.

UBS signed a deal to become a global partner of Formula One

UBS signed a deal to become a global partner of Formula OneThe banking group UBS of Switzerland has agreed to a sponsorship deal with the Formula One racing to become its global partner. But the full details of the deal are not disclosed yet and it would be revealed at the Singapore Grand Prix at the last week of September.

Tyco Electronics to Prosper Says Fitch

Tyco Electronics to Prosper Says FitchHeaving the likelihood of an upgrade, Tyco Electronics Ltd. will possibly surpass the ratings agency's original prospects for its performance this fiscal year said Fitch Ratings.